A menu for proper nutrition for a week

vegetable salad for weight loss on a proper diet

A healthy lifestyle and proper diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. To lose weight, sometimes it is enough to make a healthy diet for a week.

A healthy diet is the key not only to a slim body, but also to good health. To lose weight, you need to reduce the daily rate of calories consumed, as well as increase their consumption due to physical activity.

The menu of proper nutrition for a week for women who want to lose weight should be designed in such a way that the daily calorie content does not exceed the allowable norm - it is about 1500 kilocalories.

The right menu for the week is the basis of healthy weight loss

Nutritionists say that safe weight loss per week cannot exceed 2 kg. Express diets that promise a loss of 5-10 kg per week, although they can be effective, but at the same time can cause significant damage to health. In addition, at the end of such weight loss programs, the lost pounds can be quickly returned. And this happens in most cases: after some time after the express diet, women return to all the pounds, and even more than they managed to lose.

Some doctors believe that even 2 kilograms of weight loss a week is too much. In their opinion, more than 800 grams should not go away in 7 days. Only in this case, weight loss can be considered absolutely safe, and most importantly, the result will be lasting. An appropriate diet menu for women will help you gradually lose weight and maintain the result.

It is not recommended to go on a diet for a long time and starve yourself, it can only worsen your health problems. In addition, while adhering to a diet, you should not expect a miracle and hope for a quick and long-term weight loss result.

But weight should still be monitored, it depends not only on appearance, but also health. In order to lose weight, improve your health and constantly maintain a normal weight, it is best not to bother with diets, but to switch to a healthy diet.

The menu of a healthy diet for a week implies the exclusion from the diet of all fatty, excessively salty, fried and starchy foods. Many people are accustomed to fatty and junk food, so switching to a healthy diet can be very difficult. For effective weight loss, it is necessary for the new diet to be pleasant. If the deprivation of favorite food leads to stress, the person will not only not be able to maintain such a rhythm, but the lost weight will soon return in increased volume.

It must be said that the term "proper nutrition" cannot be clearly defined at all. According to vegetarians, meat causes irreparable damage to the body, while many doctors constantly emphasize the benefits of meat products. Therefore, the main factor that unites all points of view on this issue is that the number of calories consumed should not exceed the amount consumed. Men's weekly diet includes more calories and more meals, but the essence remains the same.

The postulate of a healthy eating menu for a week is that the food should be as varied as possible. It involves a balanced diet that can saturate the body with all the necessary substances and vitamins. Strange as it may sound, but in order to lose weight with the help of a proper diet menu in a week, you should avoid feeling hungry.

What foods should be consumed with a proper diet?

man prepares meals for proper nutrition

Foods that should be consumed with a healthy diet include fruits: grapes, kiwis, apples, pears, bananas, oranges, berries. It is allowed to eat vegetables in almost all quantities - carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, peppers, celery, and even potatoes.

It is better to replace bread with cereal loaves, but you can also afford wholemeal bread. The menu of proper nutrition for a week also includes dried apricots, raisins, nuts and seeds. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, yogurt.

It is better to give up coffee, or at least not drink coffee with milk. The best beverage for proper nutrition is green tea without sugar.

A weekly diet menu for men and women

Proper nutrition of men and women in the diet does not make any difference. However, a weekly diet for men should contain more calories than for women. The daily calorie intake for a man is 2500 kilocalories.

Here is a general menu of proper nutrition for the week:


  • Breakfast - vegetable salad, tea, buckwheat porridge or rice.
  • Lunch - vegetable stew, soup, cooked poultry.
  • Dinner - fish, fresh or stewed vegetables, bread, tea.
  • As a snack - kefir, dried fruit or fresh fruit.


  • Breakfast - cereal with yogurt or kefir, apple.
  • Lunch - Vinaigrette, rice, fish, vegetable soup, tea.
  • Dinner - cottage cheese, vegetables, tea.
  • Snacks - fruit, yogurt.


  • Breakfast - apple, oatmeal, tea.
  • Lunch - Meat steak, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, compote.
  • Dinner - ham, vegetable stew, tea.
  • Snacks - nuts, crackers, fruit.

You can make your own menu for the rest of the day. The above is just an approximate daily diet that is suitable for both women and men. The only difference is that the weekly healthy menu for women will contain smaller portions.

It is worth noting that the weekly diet menu for teenagers is not a diet. It should become a lifestyle. Food for children should be more nutritious, because they grow and consume significantly more energy. Children should be taught from childhood to eat properly and not to give them unhealthy foods. The weekly menu of proper nutrition for a teenager should be based on the preferences of the child, only then will he be happy to eat healthy food.

A menu of proper nutrition for teenagers in a week is the key to their healthy and happy life in the future.