We are starting to lose weight from the "head". Psychotherapist cites 13 mistakes of those who dream of "losing weight by summer"

In order not to gnaw a cabbage leaf in your mind, why again you fail to lose extra pounds, you need to prepare in advance for the diet. And it is better to start such training from the "head", says Tatiana Karavaeva, head of the department for the treatment of borderline mental disorders and psychotherapy. The doctor said that this prevents the fulfillment of spring dreams of an ideal figure by summer.

how to make yourself lose weight

- This spring is special. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it was impossible to lead an active lifestyle, and at home next to the refrigerator, catching anxiety and stress, you will not lose much weight, "says Tatyana Karavaeva, MD, head of the Department of Borderline Mental Disorders and Psychotherapy. In the spring, the incidence subsided a bit, some have already received anti-kidney vaccines, the sun is increasingly visible on the street, so you can take on your figure.

Mistakes that keep you from losing weight

Why doesn’t everyone manage to pass the diet test and complete what they started to the end? And it’s often not about willpower. According to a psychotherapist, for example, wrongly chosen motivation or unrealistic goals may bother you. "Doctor Peter" together with Tatiana Karavaeva solved the main mistakes of those who dream of losing weight.

Mistake number 1. Losing weight in search of a prince

Before you go on a diet, it is important to choose the right motivation. First, honestly answer the question, "Why do I want to lose weight? " If a woman wants to lose weight in order to feel better and look good, then you can act. But if success in private life is associated with weight loss, problems can arise. She thinks, "I’m going to lose weight now - I’m going to find a beloved man. " But in the end, besides being overweight, there may be other reasons why she doesn’t have a relationship. Such a woman loses weight, but it still does not matter - a man with a bouquet of flowers does not meet her every day. And then comes the disappointment and from the thought "all this was in vain" he starts eating again without restrictions and gets fat. It is important to understand that slimness will not make you friends, happy, successful or rich. Solving problems in building communication, personal relationships, success is in the field of psychology, not dietetics.

Mistake number 2. We sleep badly - we do not lose weight

Good sleep really helps you lose weight. At night, especially during the first phase of sleep, the hormone somatotropin is produced in the pituitary gland. It is almost impossible to lose weight without it, even with strict dietary restrictions. It is not in vain that nutritionists, when compiling a program for a patient, write "sleep normalization" as the first item. If you have superficial and uneven sleep, try to establish a proper sleep and wake regime before dieting.

Mistake number 3. We want to lose 20 pounds fast

In any business, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. For example, lose 2 kg in 2 months, not 25. First, it is healthier. And second, difficult tasks that cannot be solved can lead to frustration (mental state that arises when desires do not match the available possibilities) and neurotic disorders.

It happens that a person's personal characteristics interfere with weight loss. The same perfectionism. Such a person wants to immediately reach the "ideal" weight - to lose 40 kilograms. When he realizes that the goal is unattainable, he loses motivation - he simply gives up and gives up all diets. Serious weight loss can be achieved in more than one year in several stages. But our psyche rarely perceives such long-term goals.

There are also people with a dichotomous or "black and white" way of thinking (when they categorically evaluate events, themselves and those around them) - they adhere to the principle of "either all or nothing". He keeps a diet like that, eats cabbage, and then suddenly eats caramel and thinks: "I have already broken my diet anyway, now everything is meaningless. " It is necessary to work with these personal qualities and, as a rule, one cannot do without the help of a psychologist.

Mistake number 4. Going on a heavy diet

Adhering to a strict diet is not worth it - it is bad for your health. Even if you manage to lose the required amount of pounds, you can hardly keep the result. It is better to strive for a proper diet: with a normal content of protein, fat and carbohydrates, fractional meals - in small portions 5 times a day. If you are starving and thinking about food all day, then there is a great risk that you will lose your temper and spoil everything.

Error no. 5. Don’t eat after six

It is also harmful to eat at night and take a long break from eating. The idea that the rule "do not eat after six" is useful is essentially a myth. If you refuse to eat after 6 pm, you can really lose weight at first, but then everything you lost will return quickly. The body is sensitive. you can deny food for more than 12 hours and, in principle, anything can be expected from the owner, then he starts storing fat. It is optimal if the last light snack is 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Error number 6. I do not ask for recipes in advance

Earlier, nutritionists recommended a set of foods - which should be limited in the diet, which to use more often. Now they realize that it is difficult for many to switch from the usual recipes to the correct ones, so they immediately offer recipes for healthy meals. For example, how can you deliciously cook the same cabbage? In order not to just gnaw a cabbage leaf and enjoy the diet, you need to find recipes that suit you online in advance.

Error no. 7. Eat fast

The feeling of satiety does not come immediately. The satiety signal reaches the brain about 20-30 minutes after it really started. Therefore, do not rush to the table. While you feel full, you are actually eating 2-3 times more than you need. Eat slowly and leave the table a little hungry.

Mistake number 8. Watching TV and eating from big plates

There are a few psychological tricks to help you eat less. For example, properly selected dishes. Small plates on the table allow you to mentally "saturate" with a small portion - in a deep large plate it will look sparse. Wonderful dishes will help you enjoy food, enjoy it. When you try to smell, try a dish, then there is satiety with less eaten.

Another way is to give up TV and gadgets at the table. Distracted by watching a movie or news on the internet, we mechanically swallow and don’t notice how we eat more than we should.

Mistake number 9. We keep sweets at home

When a person is hungry, he starts eating whatever comes his way. If you have buns, mayonnaise, sweets at home, then it is very difficult to refrain - the hand itself will reach for them. If you have to go to the store for them, there is a chance that you will be able to stop.

Mistake number 10. Capturing anger and rage

The causes of the disorder need to be addressed "on the coast. " Before the diet, think: "What does food mean to me and when I want to eat something tasty and harmful? "The root causes can be different - you have to understand which one you have.

There is, for example, psychogenic overeating - consuming large amounts of food due to emotional problems, as a result - a person becomes fat or can not lose weight. In this case, a simple diet will not help, because anxiety will increase. There is a group for psychogenic overeating in our center. We work with people who suppress resentment, anxiety, anger, irritability. When food becomes the main way to relieve emotional tension, all attempts to lose weight end in failure. We see many women who have tried to lose weight several times, but only succeeded after working with a specialist. Its purpose is to understand the root causes of negative emotions and learn to deal with them in other ways. If a person breaks down and quarrels with their mother every time they go to their parents' home, first of all, this situation must be resolved.

Error # 11. A glass of wine will save calories.

We often do not notice snacks - sweets eaten from the car glove compartment, a sandwich intercepted on the run. In fact, there are many such "inconspicuous" moments during the day - they must be recorded in your diet diary. Some people think they will drink a glass of dry wine and save on food. But this usually does not work. Any alcohol increases appetite with a glasswine can soon be used as an appetizer with high-calorie cheese and grapes, and then fried potatoes. But for some reason, many pieces of cheese or grapes are not considered food.

Error number 12. We are constantly weighing ourselves

To monitor the dynamics of weight, it is not necessary to weigh yourself every day - 1-2 times a week is enough. Weight depends on many reasons - the amount of fluid you drink, your menstrual cycle, weather conditions, etc. If you get on the scales too often, you can see the "plus" and get upset. It is also important to record the weighing results correctly. For example, you managed to lose a kilo in a few days, indicate this success by not writing the next number, but "77 - 1" - this is more visual and has a better psychological effect. It is also advisable to reward yourself for your successes - but not with chocolate. Treat yourself, for example, to buying scented bath foam or new blouses to highlight your weight loss successes.

But no matter how you lose weight, you have to remember - there are periods when the weight will "stand". It can last 1-2 weeks and is associated with metabolic, hormonal processes. It is necessary to treat such behavior of the organism with understanding, not to be discouraged and not to think that everything is lost.

Mistake number 13. Food is the only pleasure

If life seems boring and boring without sweets, you need to do something about it. We need to find something else that brings joy and something that can be distracted with pleasure - sports, a good movie, walks, creativity. If there is only one mechanism for solving emotional problems - cake or fast food, then failures occur.

In general, it is important to form the correct psychological attitudes from childhood. Parents often tell their children that burgers are bad. At the same time, where does everyone like to celebrate children’s birthdays? In fast food restaurants. This is how the child's attitude is formed that hamburgers are the best food, because they are associated with a holiday, a promotion. Also, food often becomes the only way of communication in the family - everyone sits in their devices and only at dinner they can look each other in the eyes and talk. An idea is formed that you can communicate only at the table.